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Transmitted pulse peak power (watt) input1 :

Gain (dBi) input2 :

Radar Cross Section Area (m2 ) input3 :

Antenna aperture(m2 ) input4 :

Min. detectable signal of receiver (watt) input5 :

Max. Radar Range (meters) :

Radar Range Equation

In radar system, range of the target is easily determined using received power of the echo signal. In simple equation Pr = Pt / (4*PI*r2)
Here Pr is the received power, Pt is the peak transmit power, here r is the distance of target from radar (i.e. radar range). This equation is for isotropic antenna. Following equation or formula is used for directional antenna is mentioned below. This equation is used here for radar range calculator.

Radar range calculator

Method:2 of Maximum Radar range calculation

Another equation to determine maximum radar range is mentioned below.

Operating frequency in GHz (input1) :

Antenna Diamter (meter) (input2) :

Radar Cross Section Area of target (m2 ) (input3) :

Peak Pulse Power (Watt) (input4) :

IF Bandwidth of the Radar in MHz (input5) :

Noise Figure of the radar in dB (input6) :

Max. Radar Range (Kilometers) (output) :

Assumption: T of 300 Kelvin and K = 1.38e-23
INPUTS: Freq(GHz) = 5, Antenna Diameter = 5 meter , Radar cross section =1 m2, Peak pulse power = 2.5e6, Receiver BW (MHz) = 1.6, NF = 12dB
OUTPUT = 550 Km

Maximum radar range can alsobe calculated as per following radar equation or formula.

Maximum Radar Range

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