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n bit DAC resolution calculator | DAC resolution formula

This page mentions n-bit DAC resolution calculator. This digital to analog converter calculates resolution as output. The DAC resolution formula/equation used for this DAC calculator is also mentioned.

Number of bits (n) in DAC (Input-1)   :

Maximum Voltage Output in volts (Input-2)   :

DAC resolution or step size in Volts (output) :

INPUTS: Number of bits in DAC (Digital to analog converter) = 8 , Maximum output voltage = 5V
OUTPUT: DAC Resolution (i.e. Step size) = 0.01953125

DAC resolution formula | DAC step size formula

Definition: The number of possible different output levels which DAC can generate is known as resolution of the DAC converter. It is also known as step size of DAC converter. Following DAC conversion formula/equation is used for this 8 bit DAC calculator.

n-bit DAC resolution formula, equation

For example, consider 8 bit DAC which has 0 to 3 V as output voltage range. Now, the step size (or resolution) is equal to 3/28. This gives us 11.72 mV as resolution of DAC. This is the minimum voltage which can be measured using this DAC converter.

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