Millimeter Wave Link Budget Calculator | 802.11ad link budget

This page mentions millimeter Wave Link Budget Calculator i.e. mm wave link budget calculator with formula. It takes example of 60 GHz 802.11ad millimeter wave system for calculation for this calculator.

Any frequency in the range from 30 GHz to 300 GHz is known as millimeter wave (i.e. mm-wave) frequency. The system which uses any frequency in this range is known as mm-wave system. IEEE 802.11ad based system is one such system which is also known as WiGig.

The RF link budget helps in understanding transmit power required to meet appropriate SNR and receiver power for optimum system performance after considering path loss and other attenuations parameters such as oxygen attenuation, vapour attenuation, rain attenuation etc. One can vary the transmit power to check received signal level and SNR accordingly based on path loss as input.

Millimeter wave Link Budget Calculator | 802.11ad

Transmit Power, dBm :
Tx Antenna Gain, dB :
Tx line loss, dB :
Operating Frequency, GHz :
Path Length, Km :
Rx Antenna Gain, dB :
Rx line loss, dB :
Rx Noise Figure, dB :
Bandwidth, MHz :
Temperature :
Vapour attenuation, dB/Km :
Oxygen attenuation, dB/Km :
Rain attenuation, dB/Km :

Transmit EIRP :
Free space path loss, dB :
Receive Noise Floor :
Receive Signal Level :
Signal to Noise Ratio, dB :

EXAMPLE of Millimeter Wave Link Budget Calculator:
Tx power = 12 , Tx Gain = 38, Tx line loss = 0, Operating frequency = 60 GHz, Path length = 0.7 Km, Rx Gain = 38, Rx line loss = 0 , Rx Noise figure= 10 , BW = 2000 , Temp (degreeC) = 25, Vapour attenuation = 0 dB/Km, Oxygen attenuation = 14.9 dB/Km, Rain attenuation = 9.175 dB/Km.
Transmit EIRP = 50 dBm, Free SPace Path Loss = 124.91 dB, Receive Noise Floor = -70.85 dBm, Receive Signal Level = -53.77 dBm, SNR = 17.08 dB

Formula/Equations used in Millimeter Wave Link Budget Calculator or 802.11ad link budget

millimeter wave link budget formula

Above mm wave Link Budget formula/equations are used in this Millimeter Wave (mm-wave) Link Budget Calculator.

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