WLAN range calculator | WiFi range calculator

This page covers WLAN range calculator or wifi range calculator. This WLAN range calculator takes frequency, transmit power, receiver sensitivity, antenna gains, fade margin as inputs and provides coverage range as output. The formula for this wifi range calculator is also mentioned.

Frequency of operation in MHz (input1) :
Transmit power in dBm (input2) :
Receiver Sensitivity, dBm (input3) :
Transmitter Antenna Gain in dB (input4) :
Receiver Antenna Gain in dB (input5) :
Fade Margin (input6) :
Cable Loss (input 7) :
Other losses to be considered (input 8) :

Maximum Path Loss, dB (Output1):
WLAN range in Km (Output2):

EXAMPLE Values for this WLAN range calculator or WiFi range calculator:
Frequency(MHz) = 2450 MHz ; Transmit power= 20 dBm ; Receiver sensitivity= -100dBm ; Transmit Antenna Gain = 6 dBi ; Receiver Antenna Gain = 6 dBi ; Fade Margin = 12 dB ; cable loss = 0; Other Losses = 0
Maximum Path Loss =120 dB WLAN/WiFi coverage range = 9.746 Km

WLAN Range Formula | WiFi Range Formula or Equation

Following formula or equation is used for this WLAN range calculator/WiFi range calculator.

WLAN range formula or equation

Refer following link on electronic design website for explaination of the above formula/equation used for this calculator.


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