UARFCN calculator | UARFCN to Frequency conversion formula

This UARFCN calculator does UARFCN to Frequency conversion. The UARFCN to frequency conversion formula used in this calculator are also mentioned. This UMTS system based UARFCN calculator covers UMTS band 1 to band 26 under FDD topology. It takes Downlink UARFCN as input and delivers Downlink Frequency, Uplink UARFCN and Uplink Frequency as the outputs.

UMTS Downlink UARFCN (input) :

UMTS Downlink Frequency in MHz (Output1):

UMTS Uplink Frequency in MHz(Output2):

UMTS Uplink UARFCN (Output3):

UARFCN calculator EXAMPLE:
Input :
UMTS Downlink UARFCN = 10570
UMTS Downlink Frequency (MHz) = 2114 ,
UMTS Uplink Frequency (MHz) = 1924,
UMTS Uplink UARFCN = 9620

UMTS UARFCN to Frequency conversion formula

In UMTS, UARFCN stands for UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number. Similar to GSM ARFCN, UARFCN is used to simplify the radio frequency planning and maintenance process in the UMTS networks. UARFCN is the easy way of representing frequency pairs (uplink and downlink) in the UMTS system. In this UARFCN calculator, just provide UARFCN value and it will calculates rest of the useful parameters.

UMTS UARFCN to frequency conversion formula

Above UMTS UARFCN to frequency conversion formula is used for this UARFCN calculator.

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