What is Terahertz (THz) ?

As we know THz is the short form of TeraHertz and Hz is the short form of Hertz. Both of these are units to represent frequency. 1 Hertz refers to 1 cycle/second. This page of converters and calculators section covers Terahertz to Hertz conversion (i.e. THz to Hz converter) and Hz to THz converter calculator.

Terahertz region in the frequency spectrum exists above microwave region (i.e. above 100GHz) and usually ranges from 0.1 to 10 THz. Terahertz electronics is a new technology which extends the range of electronics into the THz frequency region. It is very much essential for engineers to convert THz to Hz and viceversa for various estimation as well as calculations.

Terahertz to Hertz calculator

Following calculator is used for terahertz to hertz conversion.

Frequency input(THz) :

Frequency output(Hz) :

EXAMPLE: convert 400 thz to hz

Terahertz(THz) = 400
Hertz(Hz) = 400 *1012

THz to Hz formula

Following equation or formula is used for THz to Hz conversion.

THz to Hz converter equation

Hz to THz conversion

Following calculator is used for Hz to THz conversion.

Frequency input (Hz)   :

Frequency output(THz):

EXAMPLE: convert frequency of 400 Hz to THz

Hertz(Hz) = 400
Terahertz(THz) = 400/1012 = 4*10-10

Hz to THz Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Hz to THz conversion.

Hz to THz converter equation

Conclusion : Terahertz to hertz conversion is useful in various scientific, technological, and engineering applications. Terahertz is a unit of frequency that represents one trillion hertz, and this conversion is important for several reasons such as frequency scaling, imaging data, to study celestial objects and so on.

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