SPI,CPI,SV,CV calculator | SPI,CPI,SV,CV Formula or equation

This page describes SPI, CPI, SV, CV calculator. It mentions SPI,CPI,SV,CV formula/equations used in this calculator. It also mentions example for SPI, CPI, SV, CV calculations.

Planned Value (PV) (input2) :

Earned Value (EV) (input1) :

Actual Cost (AC) (input3) :

Schedule Performance Index, SPI (Output1):

Cost Performance Index, CPI(Output2):

Schedule Variance, SV (Output3):

Cost Variance, CV (Output4):

PV = 150000 , EV = 120000 , AC = 175000
SPI = 0.8, CPI = 0.6857 , SV = -30,000 , CV = -55,000

SPI, CPI, SV, CV Formula or Equations

Following equation or formula is used for SPI, CPI, SV, CV calculations.


SPI stands for Schedule Performance Index, SV stands for Schedule Variance, CPI stands for Cost Performance Index and CV stands for Cost Variance. SPI and CPI less than 1 and SV and CV negative refers to something is wrong with respect to schedule and cost in the project. SPI<1 and SV negative means project is running behind the schedule. CPI<1 and CV negative means project is running over budget.

• EV (Earned Value) = BCWP = Work performed at budgeted cost
• PV (Planned Value) = BCWS = Work scheduled to be completed at budgeted cost
• AC (Actual Cost) = ACWP = Actual Cost spent for the work performed

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