receiver C/N ratio calculator

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Earth Station G/T ratio in dBk (input1) :
Satellite EIRP in dBW (input2) :
Propagation loss in dB (input3) :
Fading+pointing+Equipment margins in dB (input4) :

Receiver C/N Ratio dBHz (Output):

G/T ratio = 10, satellite EIRP=50, Propagation loss =200, margins = 3
Receiver C/N ratio in dBHz = 85.6

Receiver C/N ratio Equation

Receiver C/N ratio or CNR is very important in the wireless system. In order for the system to work efficiently receiver C/N ratio should be positive and it should be higher. This results into good Eb/No or BER (Bit Error rate) of the system. Refer CNR vs SNR for comparison between Signal to Noise Ratio versus Carrier to Noise Ratio. Following equation or formula is used for receiver C/N ratio calculator.

The C/N ratio calculator takes satellite parameters as input as well as various losses to determine C/N ratio at the earth station receiver.

receiver C/N ratio

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