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RF Field Strength Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers RF Field Strength calculator.

If RF antenna radiates RF energy and hits particular point on curvature of the earth, electric field gets produced. RF field strength at that point is calculated using maxwell equation. We will calculate RF field strength using receiving antenna placed at this point.

Effective height of transmitting antenna(m) (input1):
Effective height of receiving antenna(m) (input2):
Antenna Current(Amperes) (input3) :
Distance from transmitting antenna(m) (input4) :
Frequency of operation(GHz) (input5) :

RF Field Strength (Output):

RF Field Strength Equation

RF field strength measurement has become very essential due to exponential growth of cellular phones and base stations across the globe.

People leaving near to the cellular towers or base stations are worst affected due to RF fields emission. RF field strength is higher near the transmitting antenna and lower at the far ends. Exposure to higher field strengths results into heating of biological tissues. This will often have adverse effects such as tissue damage leading to various diseases related to brain and often results into various type of cancers etc.

The RF field strength is measured in terms of E field or H field and units are V/m and A/m respectively.

Following equation or formula is used for RF field strength calculator.

RF field strength calculator equation

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