RF Balun Calculator | RF LC Balun Calculator and formula

This page covers RF Balun calculator. The formula/equation for this RF Balun calculator is also mentioned. The calculator is for RF LC balun type.

Frequency of operation, MHz (input1) :
Impedance Balanced (Ohms) (input2) :
Impedance Unbalanced (Ohms) (input3) :

Inductance(L), nH (Output1) :
Capacitance(C), pF (Output2) :

EXAMPLE of RF Balun calculator:
INPUTS: Frequency (F) = 1000 MHz ; Z1 = 50 Ohm ; Z2 = 35.4
OUTPUT: L = 6.696 nH ; C = 3.783 pF

RF LC Balun Calculator Formula or Equation

The figure depicts typical LC bridge configuration. It is referred as lattice type of balun. It consists of two inductors and two capacitors. They will generate about +/- 90 degree of phase shift between input and output.

Following equation or formula is used for RF LC Balun Calculator.

RF LC Balun Formula

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