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RF Intermodulation Calculator | RF Intermodulation formula,equation

This page covers RF Intermodulation calculator. The formula/equation for this RF Intermodulation calculator is also mentioned. It is also called as RF IMD calculator.

The calculator calculates IMD (Intermodulation) products based on two fundamental frequencies. In the same way IMD products can be found for more than two frequency inputs. It calculates only 2nd and 3rd order IMD products only as these are the one which are near to the fundamental input frequencies and will have higher power.

Input frequency#1 (F1) (MHz) (input#1) :
Input frequency#2 (F2) (MHz) (input#2) :

*Note: Keep F2 greater than F1 in this RF IMD calculator.

2nd Order IMD product#1 (Output) :
2nd Order IMD product#2 (Output) :
2nd Order IMD product#3 (Output) :
2nd Order IMD product#4 (Output) :
3rd Order IMD product#1 (Output) :
3rd Order IMD product#2 (Output) :
3rd Order IMD product#3 (Output) :
3rd Order IMD product#4 (Output) :

EXAMPLE of RF Intermodulation calculator:
INPUTS: F1= 20 MHz, F2= 21 MHz
OUTPUT: 2nd order IMD frequencies = 41 MHz, 1 MHz, 40 MHz, 42 MHz
3rd order IMD frequencies = 61 MHz, 19 MHz, 62 MHz, 22 MHz

RF Intermodulation calculator Formula | RF IMD Calculator Equation

The intermodulation products are sum and difference as well as other integer and non integer multiple of these frequencies. Refer intermodulation distortion and IMD products>> for more information. Also refer IMD distortion measurement>> for more.

Following equation or formula is used for RF Intermodulation (IMD) calculator.

RF intermodulation (IMD) Formula

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