Power Divider Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Power divider calculator. The path loss to each ports are calculated by power divider calculator as per number of ports.

Number of Ports (Input) :

Path Loss in dB (Output) :

Power divider calculator EXAMPLE for 2-way power divider:
Number of output ports = 2;
Path loss in dB = 3

EXAMPLE for 8-way power divider:
Number of output ports = 8;
Path loss in dB = 9

Power Divider Calculator Equation

Power divider is the circuit which takes one RF input and delivers multiple output signals. It is used in the systems requiring multiple RF signals splitted from the same one signal. For example, Satellite Earth station where in multiple signals are received and need to be distributed across different satellite modems. Hence RF power divider is used after the RF downconverter which is single port. The RF power divider divides the single input signal into multiple signals which are connected to the IF Inputs of demodulator portion of the modems. Following equation or formula is used for power divider calculator.

power divider calculator equation

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