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op amp slew rate calculator | op amp slew rate formula,equation

This page covers op amp slew rate calculator. It mentions op amp slew rate formula or equation used in this calculator. Refer Op Amp for more information on Operational Amplifier basics, its use as inverting, non inverting, summing amplifier, voltage comparator and more.


Signal Frequency (Hz) :

Signal Voltage (Max. Peak) :


Op Amp Slew Rate in volt/µs :

EXAMPLE Op Amp Slew Rate Calculator-1:
INPUTS: Frequency = 20000 Hz (i.e. 20KHz), V = 5 volts
OUTPUTS: Op Amp Slew Rate = 0.628 volt/µs

Op Amp Slew Rate Formula or Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Op Amp Slew Rate Calculator.

op amp slew rate formula

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