Noise temperature to noise figure converter

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Noise Temperature input(Kelvins):

Noise Figure output (dB)             :

Noise Temperature = 300 kelvins
Noise Figure = 3.0845 dB

Noise figure to Noise temperature

Noise figure (dB) (input):

Noise Temperature (Kelvins)(output):

Noise Figure = 3.5 dB
Noise Temperature = 359.22 Kelvin

Noise Temperature to Noise Figure Equation

Both noise temperature and noise figure are used interchangeably. Following equation or formula is used for noise temperature to noise figure converter.

Noise figure is used to measure degradation of SNR which is caused due to RF and electronic components used in the transmit or receive chain. Mainly noise figure is used to verify the performance of the receiver. Noise temperature is very frequently used in satellite communication and hence it is often desired to convert noise figure to noise temperature and vice versa. For more on noise figure vs noise temperature, refer following link.

noise temperature to noise figure

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