MESFET cutoff frequency calculator | MESFET cutoff frequency formula

This page covers MESFET cutoff frequency Calculator. It mentions cutoff frequency formula used for the MESFET calculator.

transconductance, gm in m℧(input1) :
gate source capacitance, Cgs in pF (input2) :
Drain resistance, Rd in Ω (input3) :
Source Resistance, Rs in Ω (input4) :
Gate metallization resistance, Rg in Ω (input5) :
Input resistance, Ri in Ω (input6) :

Cutoff Frequency in GHz (Output1) :
Maximum operating frequency in GHz (Output2):

gm (m℧) =50, Cgs (pF) = 0.60, Rd = 450 Ω , Rs = 2.5 Ω, Rg = 3 Ω, Ri = 2.5 Ω
Cutoff frequency (Fco) = 13.26 GHz
Max. operating frequency (Fmax) = 49.73 GHz

MESFET cutoff frequency formula or equation

Following formula or equation is used for MESFET cutoff frequency calculator.

MESFET cutoff frequency formula or equation

fco = cutoff frequency
gm = transconductance
Cgs = gate-source capacitance

Following formula is used for maximum operating frequency.

MESFET maximum frequency formula or equation

fmax = maximum operating frequency
Rd = Drain resistance
Rs = Source Resistance
Rg = Gate metallization resistance
Ri = Input resistance

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