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LoRa Sensitivity Calculator | LoRa Sensitivity Formula

This page mentions LoRa Sensitivity calculator. It mentions LoRa Sensitivity calculation Formula. LoRa Sensitivity calculator takes spreading factor, bandwidth and noise figure as inputs and provides Sensitivity as output.

Following table is used in this calculator.

SF (Spreading Factor) Chips/Symbol SNR limit Time on Air for 10 byte packet (ms) Bit Rate (bps)
7 128 -7.5 56 5470
8 256 -10 103 3125
9 512 -12.5 205 1758
10 1024 -15 371 977
11 2048 -17.5 741 537
12 4096 -20 1483 293

LoRa Sensitivity Calculator

Spreading Factor, 'SF' (7/8/9/10/11/12) (input1) :

Bandwidth, 'BW' in KHz (7.8 / 10.4 / 15.6 / 20.8 / 31.25 / 41.7 / 62.5 / 125 / 250 / 500) (input2) :

Noise Figure, 'NF' in dB (input3) :

LoRa Sensitivity in dBm (Output):

EXAMPLE of LoRa Sensitivity Calculator:
INPUTS : SF = 12, BW =125 KHz, NF = 6dB, (Calculator internally gives SNR of -20 dB according to SF entered)
OUTPUTS: LoRa Sensitivity = -137 dBm

Formula/Equations used in LoRa Sensitivity Calculator

Following LoRa Sensitivity formula/equation is used in this LoRa sensitivity calculator.

LoRa Sensitivity Formula

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