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LoRa Data rate Calculator | LoRa Bit rate Calculator

This page mentions LoRa data rate calculator. The formula used for this LoRa bit rate calculator is also mentioned. LoRa calculator takes spreading factor, code rate and bandwidth as inputs and provides data rate as output.

LoRa Calculator

Spreading Factor, 'SF' (6/7/8/9/10/11/12) (input1) :

Code rate, 'CR' (1/2/3/4) (input2) :

Bandwidth, 'BW' in KHz (7.8 / 10.4 / 15.6 / 20.8 / 31.25 / 41.7 / 62.5 / 125 / 250 / 500) (input3) :

LoRa Data Rate in bps (Output):

EXAMPLE#1 of LoRa Data Rate Calculator:
INPUTS : SF = 7, CR = 1, BW =125 KHz
OUTPUTS: Data Rate 5468.75 bps

INPUTS : SF = 12 , CR = 4, BW = 500 KHz
OUTPUTS: Data Rate 732.4219 bps

Formula/Equations used in LoRa Data Rate Calculator

Following formula/equations are used in the LoRa data rate calculator.

LoRa Data Rate Formula

Also refer LoRa tutorial and LoRa technology basics which mentions LoRa system features, protocol stack, physical layer, MAC layer, frequency bands, LoRa Classes, LoRa transceiver etc.

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