LTE throughput Calculator | Calculator on LTE throughput

This LTE throughput Calculator is used for calculation of throughput as per 4G LTE standard. This calculator on LTE throughput is based on MCS, Number of PRBs (Physical Resource Blocks) and number of MIMO antennas.

MCS (Enter: Any number from 0 to 31):
Number of Allocated PRBs, N_PRBs (Enter: Any number from 1 to 110) :
Number of MIMO Antennas (Enter 1, 2 or 4) :

LTE Throughput in Mbps (Output):

LTE throughput calculator EXAMPLE:
Input : MCS = 10, PRBs = 20, Number of MIMO Antennas = 2
Outputs : LTE throughput = 6.22 Mbps

LTE throughput calculator formula

Following equation/formula is used for this LTE throughput calculator.

LTE throughput formula

Also Refer LTE throughput basics>> and LTE code rate calculator>> to understand the concept to derive TBS from MCS entered.

Following steps are followed in this LTE throughput calculation.
STEP-1: Determine Qm and TBS Index (i.e. ITBS) based on MCS (Modulation Coding Rate). Follow table in TS 36.213 document.
STEP-2: From TBS Index (i.e. ITBS) and N_PRBs, determine TBS (Transport Block Size).
STEP-3: Above formula is used with TBS derived in step-2. Follow table in TS 36.213 document.
When no MIMO is enabled there will be single antenna, for 2x2 MIMO enter 2 and for 4x4 MIMO enter 4 as number of antennas.

5G NR Throughput calculator

5G NR throughput formula

Refer 5G NR Throughput calculator >>
which mentions example of how to enter various input parameters and calculate 5G NR throughput as defined in 3GPP 38 series of documents (3GPP TS 38.306, 38.101-1, 38.101-2, 38.211).

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