LTE ECGI Calculator | LTE ECI Calculator | ECGI, ECI calculation

This page covers LTE ECGI calculator and LTE ECI calculator. The formula/equations used in LTE ECGI and ECI calculation are also mentioned.

The full form of ECI is E-UTRAN Cell Identifier. ECI is used to identify cell within PLMN.
The full form of ECGI is E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier. ECGI is used to identify cell globally.

eNB ID ( 5 Hex digits) (input#1) :
Cell ID ( 2 Hex digits) (input#2) :
PLMN ID ( 6 Hex digits) (input#3) :

ECI (7 Hex digits) (Output#1):
ECGI (13 Hex digits) (Output#2):

LTE ECGI and ECI Calculator/Calculation EXAMPLE:
Inputs : eNB ID = 0xFFFFF (20 bits) ; Cell ID = 0xAA (8 bits) ; PLMN ID (MCC=0xBBB,MNC=0xCCC)= 0xBBBCCC (24 bits)
Outputs : ECI = FFFFFAA

Inputs : eNB ID = 0x23456
Cell ID = 0x11
Outputs : ECI = 2345611
ECGI = BBBCCC2345611

Following steps are to be followed to calculate ECI and ECGI values.
➨Step-1: Shift eNB ID to the left about 8 bits. Let us take eNB ID = 0xFFFFF. After shifting it becomes 0xFFFFF00.
➨Step-2: Logically OR shifted eNB ID with Cell ID. Let us take Cell ID = 0xAA.
➨Step-3: The result of step-2 will give ECI value. After logically OR it becomes ECI which is 0xFFFFFAA. This will be of 28 bit in size.
➨Step-4: Shift PLMN ID to the left about 28 bits. Let us take PLMN ID = 0xBBBCCC which consists of MCC = 0xBBB and MNC = 0xCCC. After shifting it becomes 0xBBBCCC0000000.
➨Step-5: Logically OR PLMN ID with ECI values obtained in step-3. The result is ECGI. We will get ECGI value of 0xBBBCCCFFFFFAA. ECGI is not more than 52 bits in size.
Note: We have taken all the values in hex for explanation purpose. For decimal values of eNB ID, Cell ID, PLMN ID, the same need to be converted to Hex values for calculation purpose.

Formula or equations used in LTE ECGI and ECI calculation

Following equations/formula are used in this LTE ECGI and ECI calculator.

LTE ECGI ECI formula

Also refer LTE Identifiers>> page which mentions other identifiers such as GUMMEI, MMEI, MMEGI, PDN ID, TAI List, DRB ID, LBI, E-RAB ID, TEID etc.


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