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IP3 calculator,OIP3 calculator,IP3 formula,OIP3 formula

The IP3 calculator does IM3 power levels to IP3 (i.e. OIP3) conversion using IP3 formula. The OIP3 calculator does OIP3 to IM3 power levels conversion using OIP3 formula. IP3 or IMD3 refers to third order intermodulation distortion products power.

As shown in the digram, when two signals are fed to the nonlinear RF component/system such as mixer, amplifier etc. it produces product of the input fundamental signals (F1 and F2) at the output. The output include first order, second order and third order products of input signals. The major contribution to interference is due to third order products 2F1-F2 and 2F2-F1 as shown as they are higher in amplitude and closer to the fundamental frequencies. These products are called as IMD (Intermodulation distortion) products.

IM3 plot

Let us understand, IP3 products IM3_low and IM3_high and OIP3 as shown in the IMD curve (with slope 3) below. Refer IIP3 and OIP3 basics.

IIP3 vs OIP3

The extrapolated point where IM3 is equal to 0 dBc is known as the third-order intercept point IP3. The extrapolated point where the curves of the fundamental signal and third order distortion product signal meet is called Third order Intercept Point (IP3). At this point, the input power level is known as IIP3, and the output power when this situation occurs is known as OIP3 point. Let us understand, IP3 calculation using IP3 calculator and OIP3 calculation using OIP3 calculator.

IP3 calculator

Following IP3 calculator calculates IM3_low and IM3_high values based on fundamental signal powers (Plow and Phigh) and OIP3 value.

Plow at F1 (Input)   :

Phigh at F2 (Input)   :

OIP3 (Input)   :

IM3low at 2F1-F2 (output) :

IM3high at 2F2-F1 (output) :

EXAMPLE of OIP3 to IM3 power levels conversion :
INPUT: Plow at F1 = 0 dBm, Phigh at F2 = -12 dBm, OIP3 = 14 dBm
OUTPUT: IM3 (low) = -40 dBm, IM3 (high) = -52 dBm,

IP3 formula

Following is the IP3 formula used in this IP3 calculator.

IM3 formula

OIP3 calculator

Following OIP3 calculator calculates OIP3 values based on fundamental signal powers (Plow and Phigh) and IM3 products (IM3low, IM3high) values.

Low freq. power level, Plow (Input)   :

High freq. power level, Phigh (Input)   :

Low IM3 power level, IM3low (Input)   :

High IM3 power level, IM3high(Input)   :

OIP3 in dBm using IM3low (output) :

OIP3 in dBm using IM3hi (output) :

EXAMPLE of IM3 power levels to IP3 (i.e. OIP3) calculation:
INPUT: Plow = 0, Phigh = -10, IM3low = -40, IM3high = -50
OUTPUT: OIP3 = 15 dBm

OIP3 formula

Following OIP3 formula is used in OIP3 calculator mentioned above.

OIP3 formula

Also refer IIP3 calculation and OIP3 calculation when power of fundamental signals are equal and power of IMD products are equal using IIP3 calculator >>.

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