Horn Antenna Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Horn Antenna calculator. The calculator calculates antenna gain and antenna beamwidth both horizontal and vertical.

Operating Frequency in GHz (input1) :
Flared flange dimension(narrow) in meter (input2) :
Flared flange dimension(broad) in meter (input3) :

Horn Antenna Gain in dB (Output1):
Vertical Beamwidth in degrees (Output2):
Horizontal Beamwidth in degrees (Output3):

INPUTS : Fr (GHz) = 2.5, Narrow dimension = 0.3 (30cm), broad= 0.5 (50cm)
OUTPUTS: Horn Antenna Gain = 20 dB, Vertical beamwidth (degrees)= 20.4, Horizontal beam width(degrees) = 16.8

Horn Antenna Equation

Horn antenna is used for directional transmission and reception of EM waves. It is an example of aperture antenna. In this structure, the electromagnetic fields pass through the aperture of the antenna. There are two types of aperture i.e. rectangular shape and circular shape. It is popularly used as feed in the cassegrain antenna. Following equation or formula is used for Horn Antenna calculator.

Horn antennas are very popular antennas above the frequency of 1GHz. It is very easy to construct. Horn antenna will have high gain, low VSWR and wider bandwidth.

horn antenna equation

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