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GSM KPI Formula | GSM CSSR Formula | GSM KPI Calculator

This page covers GSM KPI formula and GSM CSSR formula. It mentions GSM KPI calculator which calculates CSSR value. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. CSSR stands for Call Setup Success Rate.

Following KPI parameters are used in GSM:
• CSSR-Call Setup Success Rate
• Call Drop Rate
• HOSR-Hand Over Success Rate
• SDCCH Block Rate
• TCH Assignment Block Rate
• TCH assignment Failure Rate (Excluding Blocking)
• EMD-Erlang Minute per Drop

CSSR is rate of calls going until TCH successful assignment is done.

SDC Congestion (input#1) :

SDC Drop (input#2) :

TCH Assignment Block (input#3) :

TCH Assignment Failure (input#4) :

GSM CSSR (Output):

Equation/Formula used in GSM KPI or CSSR calculator

Following equation or formula is used for this GSM KPI/CSSR calculator.

GSM KPI CSSR formula

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