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GSM C1 and C2 calculator | GSM C1 and C2 Formula

This page covers GSM C1 calculator and GSM C2 calculator. It mentions GSM C1 Formula and GSM C2 Formula. The C1 and C2 is used in GSM cell selection and reselection respectively.

Receive Level Average :

Receive Level Access (Min):

CRO (Cell Reselect Offset) :

TO (Temporary Offset) :

Penalty time (0:not reached, 1:reached) :

GSM C1 Value (Output#1):

GSM C2 Value (Output#2):

Example GSM C1 Calculator & GSM C2 Calculator :
Inputs: Rx Level (Average) = -85 dBm, Rx Level (Access min) = -100 , CRO (Cell Reselect Offset) = 6 dB, TO (Temporary Offset) = 3 dB, Penalty time = ( 0 or 1)
➨C1 = 15
➨C2 = C1 - CRO = 9(When Penalty time is not reached i.e. Penalty time =0 )
➨C2 = C1 + CRO-TO*H(PT-T) (When Penalty time is reached i.e. Penalty time =1 )
C2 = 15 + 6 -3 = 18

GSM C1 formula and GSM C2 formula

Following equations or formula are used for GSM C1 and C2 calculation. C1 is known as Path loss criterion parameter. It is used for cell selection and reselection.

GSM C1 Formula

The path loss criterion is satisfied when C1 > 0. The C2 factor is used as reselection criterion. It is used for cell reselection only.

GSM C1 Formula

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