GSM ARFCN calculator | GSM ARFCN to Frequency calculator

This GSM ARFCN calculator does ARFCN to frequency calculation. GSM ARFCN to Frequency calculator provides GSM uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) frequencies as output in units of MHz.

GSM ARFCN (input) :

GSM UL Freq MHz (Output1):

GSM DL Freq MHz (Output2):

EXAMPLE: GSM ARFCN to frequency calculator:
Input: GSM ARFCN = 100
Outputs: GSM Uplink Frequency = 910 MHz,
GSM Downlink Frequency = 955 MHz

GSM ARFCN Calculator Formula

Following equation or formula is used for GSM ARFCN calculator in order to convert ARFCN to frequency. As mentioned in the figure, it is basically a number to represent gsm downlink-uplink frequency pair. GSM ARFCN is the short form of absolute radio frequency channel number. The concept of ARFCN is to simplify the RF frequency planning and maintenance process in GSM system.

GSM ARFCN calculator Formula

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