Electric Field Strength calculator | Magnetic Field Strength calculator

This page covers electric field strength calculator and magnetic field strength calculator. It mentions formula or equations used for electric and magnetic field strength calculators. It takes radiated power,transmit antenna gain and distance as inputs and produces electric field strength in V/meter and magnetic field strength in A/m as outputs. The power density in Watt/meter^2 is also calculated.

Transmitter radiated power in dBm (input1):

Gain of Transmitter Antenna, dBi (input2):

Receiver distance, Km (input3) :

Electric Field Strength in V/m (Output1):

Magnetic Field Strength in A/m (Output2):

Power Density in Watt/m2 (Output3):

Pt = 18 dBm (i.e. 0.06310Watt), Gt = 12 dBi (15.84 numeric value ) , d = 2 Km (2000 meters)
Electric Field Strength = 0.002739 V/meter
Magnetic Field Strength = 0.000007264 A/m
Power Density = 1.989x10-8 W/m2

Formula for Electric Field Strength calculator and Magnetic Field Strength calculator

E and H field strength and power density at a distance

As shown in the figure-1 above, this calculator calculates field strength and power density at receiver placed with distance (d) as shown. Following equations or formula are used for Electric Field Strength calculator and Magnetic Field Strength calculator.

electric magnetic field strength formula

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