Cascaded IP3 Calculator

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Module1 Gain in dB (input1) :
Module1 IP3 in dBm (input2) :
Module2 Gain in dB (input3) :
Module2 IP3 in dBm (input4) :
Module3 Gain in dB (input5) :
Module3 IP3 in dBm (input6) :
Module4 Gain in dB (input7) :
Module4 IP3 in dBm (input8) :
Module5 Gain in dB (input9) :
Module5 IP3 in dBm (input10) :

Cascaded IP3 (mW) (Output1) :

Cascaded IP3 (dBm) (Output2) :


INPUTS: G1(dB)= -3,IP3(1) (dBm) = 100 ,G2= 12 , IP3(2)= 10 , G3= -3 , IP3(3)= 100 , G4= -6, IP3(4)= 20 , G5= 15 , IP3(5)= 20

OUTPUTS:Cascaded IP3(mw) = 10.01, Cascaded IP3(dBm) = 10

Cascaded IP3 Equation

IP3 stands for Third Order Intercept (TOI) point which is basically a measure of nonlinearity points of the RF devices such as mixers and amplifiers. IP3 is applicable to both the input as well as output. The input intercept point is referred as IIP3 and output intercept point is referred as OIP3. IP3 is usually 10dB higher than the 1dB compression point of the nonlinear RF device. Following equation or formula is used for Cascaded IP3 Calculator. Refer second order vs third order intercept point for detailed description on relation between second order intercept point and third order intercept point(TOI).

Cascaded IP3 equation

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