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Bowtie Antenna basics | Bowtie Antenna Calculator

This page covers Bowtie Antenna basics. It mentions Bowtie Antenna Calculator and mentions formula or equations used for Bowtie antenna calculations. The links to other antenna calculators are also mentioned.

Bowtie Antenna

Figure-1 depicts typical Bowtie Antenna. Due to its structure, it is known as butterfly antenna. There are different types of Bowtie antenna as mentioned below.
• Wideband Printed Bowtie antenna
• Bowtie slot antenna
• Double sided triangular Bowtie antenna
• Bowtie antenna microstrip fed
• Slotted Bowtie patch antenna
• CPW fed curved bow tie slot antenna

Bowtie Antenna Calculator

Operating Frequency in MHz (input1) :

Wavelength in mm (Output#1):

Bandwidth in MHz (Output#2):

Width in mm (Output#3):

Distance in mm (Output#4):

Height in mm (Output#5):

EXAMPLE of Bowtie Antenna:
INPUTS : Operating Frequency = 2400
OUTPUTS: Wavelength = 125 mm, BW = 792 MHz, Width = 46.875 mm, Distance = 2.5825 mm , Height = 31.25 mm

Formula/Equations used in Bowtie Antenna Calculator

Following formula/equations are used in the Bowtie Antenna Calculator.

Bowtie Antenna Formula

This Bowtie Antenna calculator is useful to design the Bowtie Antenna.

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