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Antenna Efficiency calculator | Antenna Efficiency Formula

This page covers Antenna Efficiency calculator with example. It mentions formula or equations used in this Antenna Efficiency calculator. This example is for parabolic reflector antenna type.

Antenna Diameter in meter (input1) :

Antenna Gain in dB (input2) :

Antenna frequency (MHz) (input3) :

Antenna efficiency (%) (output) :

Antenna Efficiency calculator Example:
Antenna diameter = 2.4 meter, Antenna Gain (dBi) = 43, Antenna frequency = 6000 MHz
OUTPUT: Antenna efficiency = 87.75 %

Antenna Efficiency Calculator equations or formula

Antenna Gain

Antenna Gain equation can be expressed as follows. From this equation, antenna efficiency can be calculated using above calculator. The equation of antenna efficiency is mentioned in the following figure. The inputs are antenna diameter, antenna gain and antenna frequency.

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