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This page of converters and calculators section covers Antenna Range calculator. This antenna range calculator calculates range of an antenna based on antenna transmit power, cable loss, transmit antenna gain and receiver sensitivity.

Transmit Antenna Gain in dB, input1 :

Transmit Power in dBm, input2 :

Operating Frequency in MHz input3 :

Cable loss in dB, input4 :

Receiver Sensitivity in dBm, input5 :

Free Space Path Loss in dB, (output1) :

Antenna coverage distance in meters, (output2) :

EXAMPLE Antenna Range Calculator:
INPUTS: Pt = 20 dBm , Gt = 13 dB, Frequency = 2400 MHz, Cable_loss = 3dB, Receiver sensitivity = -80dBm
OUTPUTS: Free Space Path Loss = 110 dB, Antenna Coverage Distance = 3147 meters

Antenna Range Calculator Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Antenna range calculator.

antenna range calculator

The above image mentions all the steps needed to determine antenna coverage range based on following inputs:
1. Antenna Transmit Power (Pt)
2. Transmit Antenna Gain (Gt)
3. Cable Loss
4. Operating frequency
5. Receiver sensitivity
In step-1, EIRP is calculated
In step-2, Free Space Loss is calculated based on EIRP and receiver sensitivity (Pr)
In step-3, coverage distance is calculated based on free space path loss formula. Note that lambda is equivalent to c/frequency where in c is equal to 3 x 10^8 in FSL formula.

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