Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Antenna Azimuth and Elevation calculator. It takes earth station longitude and latitude, satellite longitude and delivers antenna azimuth and elevation as outputs.

Earth Station Latitude (input1) :

Earth Station Longitude (input2) :

Satellite Longitude (input3) :

Antenna Elevation angle (Output1):

Antenna Azimuth angle (Output2):

INPUTS: Earth Station Latitude= 14 degree north , Earth Station Longitude= 77 degree east , Satellite Longitude = 84 degree east

OUTPUTS: Antenna Elevation Angle= 71. 65 degree , Antenna Azimuth Angle= 153 degree (Sub-satellite point(i.e. satellite itself) is SW of earth station).

Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Equation

Antenna Azimuth and Elevation is very important for RF antenna installation engineer. Often RF field engineer installs antenna by varying the azimuth and elevation and checking the desired signal in spectrum analyzer to its peak. But it is very cumbersome when antenna is large in diameter and place and satellite is completely unknown to the RF field engineer. To avoid such situation it is often desired to calculate antenna azimuth and antenna elevation using calculator by providing earth location information such as latitude, longitude and satellite longitude. Following equation or formula is used for Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Calculator.

Antenna Elevation Azimuth Equation

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