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4-Stage Aggregate cascaded Noise Figure Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Aggregate cascaded Noise Figure calculator.

Module1 Noise Figure in dB(input1) :
Module1 Gain in dB (input2) :
Module2 Noise Figure in dB(input3) :
Module2 Gain in dB (input4) :
Module3 Noise Figure in dB(input5) :
Module3 Gain in dB(input6) :
Module4 Noise Figure in dB (input7) :
Module4 Gain in dB (input8) :

Aggerate Noise Figure (in linear term) (Output1):

Aggerate Noise Figure (in dB) (Output2):

INPUTS: F1 (dB) = 1 ,G1 (dB) = 10,F2 (dB) = 5 ,G2 (dB) = 10,F3 (dB) = 5 ,G3 (dB) = 10 ,F4 (dB) = 5 ,G4 (dB) = 10
OUTPUTS: Aggregate Noise Figure (linear) = 1.5 , Aggregate NF(dB)= 1.75

Aggregate cascaded Noise Figure Equation

Noise figure is often measured by RF engineers during RF Amplifier and RF Transceiver design and development. It is measure of how much noise is added and also amplified by the device under test. It is calculated by taking ratio of signal power to noise power ratio at the input with the output. The cascaded noise figure is very important in calculating RF system link budget as well as for other important analysis. Following equation or formula is used for aggregate cascaded noise figure calculator.

The loss factor of a matched attenuator at thermal equilibrium condition is equivalent to the attenuator noise factor. Hence logarithmic loss is equivalent to the noise figure.
Noise Figure, F (dB) = Attenuation of the attenuator (dB)
Due to this, it is substracted while doing RF link calculation.

Aggregate Noise Figure

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