5G NR Throughput Calculator | 5G NR Throughput Formula

This page covers 5G NR Throughput Calculator. The formula used in 5G NR throughput (i.e. data rate) calculator is also described. The 5G NR Throughput Calculator is developed as per 3GPP TS 38.306, 38.101-1,2 documents.

5G NR Throughput calculator

Provide the inputs as per example mentioned as follows to the below calculator to determine 5G NR throughput.

J, Number of Component Carriers :
Qm, Modulation Order (2/4/6/8) :
Vlayers, Number of layers :
Scaling Factor (1/0.8/0.75/0.4) :
μ, NR numerology (0 to 5) :
NPRBs, Number of allocated PRBs :
Overhead (0.14/0.18/0.08/0.10) :

5G NR Throughput in Mbps :
5G NR Throughput in Gbps :

Example: 5G NR Throughput calculator
Inputs: J (Number of CCs) =1,
Qm, modulation order = 8 (i.e. 256 QAM)
Vlayer, Number of layers = 4
F, Scaling Factor = 1
µ, 5G NR Numerology = 1
Number of PRBs = 273
OH (Overhead) = 0.14
➤symbol duration, Ts (µs) = 3.57 x 10-5 (Internally calculated)
Output: 2.337 Gbps (or 2337 Mbps)
Note: Verify, by varying J, we can get 5G NR throughput of 4.674 Gbps (for J=2), 9.348 Gbps (for J=4), and 18.696 Gbps (for J=8).

Formula or equation for 5G NR throughput calculator

For 5G NR, the approximate data rate for given number of aggregated carriers in a band or band combination is calculated using following equation or formula.

5G NR throughput formula

Following fields are used in 5G NR throughput calculation.
➤J : number of aggregated component carriers in a band or band combination
➤Rmax : 948/1024
• For the j-th CC, Vlayers(j) is the maximum number of layers
➤Qm(j) : Maximum modulation order, Qm is 2 for QPSK, 4 for 16QAM, 6 for 32QAM, 8 for 256QAM
➤f(j) : Scaling factor, can take any value from 1/0.8/0.75/0.4
➤μ : 5G NR Numerology, can take any value from 0 to 5.
➤Tsμ : Average OFDM symbol duration in a subframe for μ value,
•  Tsμ = 10-3/(14*2μ).
➤NPRBBW(j),μ : Maximum RB Allocation in bandwidth, BW(j)with numerology (μ),
BW(j) is UE supported maximum Bandwidth in given band or in band combinations.
REs are grouped into PRBs (Physical Resource Blocks). Each PRB consists of 12 Subcarriers.
➤OH(j) : Overhead which takes any of the following values.
• [0.14] → Frequency Range FR1 for DL
• [0.18] → Frequency Range FR2 for DL
• [0.08] → Frequency Range FR1 for UL
• [0.10] → Frequency Range FR2 for DL

Above mentioned formula has been used alongwith 5G NR Physical layer parameters and other 5G NR system parameters in order to develop 5G NR throughput calculator. One can refer following pdf which covers snapshot of 3GPP TS 38.306 document for more information on 5G NR data rate calculation. The maximum transmission bandwidth configuration NRB for each UE channel bandwidth and subcarrier spacing are specified in the tables below.

5G NR PRBs Tables


• 3GPP TS 38.306 V15.2.0 (2018-06)

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