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Zigbee Alarm

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This page covers zigbee alarm basics and mention zigbee alarm manufacturers.

As the name suggests alarm is used to alert against human intruders access to restricted areas in the home or business premises.

There are many zigbee products used for providing home security in zigbee based wireless network. zigbee alarm is used as part of providing zigbee home security system.

Zigbee alarm device can join the zigbee network to bind with other zigbee devices available in the network. The alarm will act as CIE device here. Once the device receives the alarm message from other binded devices it will produce the alarm sound.

Zigbee alarm typical specifications:
• Operating power supply: 12 Volt DC
• Frequency: 2.4 to 2.4835GHz or other zigbee bands
• Alarm volume amplitude: 85dB(at 1meter distance)
• Coverage of about 30 meters
• With or without PSTN dialer
• Alert sound types: burglar alert, fire alert, doorbell sound and emergency alert
• With or without binding button

Zigbee alarm vendors, manufacturers

• Silicon Laboratories
• Libelium
• Climax technology Co. Ltd

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