zwave alarm

Refer z-wave tutorial covering following sub topics:
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This page covers zwave alarm basics and mention zwave alarm manufacturers. The devices are used in UK and US.

Like zigbee, z-wave is used for low bit rate monitoring and control applications such as home automation. It covers coverage distance of about 30 meters. Z-wave network composed of master and slave devices. It works as per CSMA/CA protocol. Refer zwave tutorial.

Z-wave alarm is mainly used for security and alert purposes in the home and office premises. Owner will be notified by email or text sms once the sensor mounted on the alarm device is triggered. Other events such as light can also be activated along with siren sound.

Different alarm sounds can be configured based on type of sensors as well as zwave controller capabilities. The z-wave alarm can be interfaced with various sensor types such as door window sensor, PIR sensor and smoke sensors. Different amplitudes of the siren volume can be user configurable.

z-wave alarm typical specifications:
• Works on zwave frequencies (868.42 MHz in UK or 908.42 MHz in US)
• Mainly used indoor
• Sound amplitude: user configurable(typically 90dB/100dB)
• Distance coverage: upto 30 meters • Works on battery or with power supply
• Laudable alarm sound/visible light

Zwave alarm manufacturers/vendors

• UK Automation Retail Ltd
• Zwave Products Inc.
• Honeywell
• Digital Monitoring Products, Inc.
• Home Controls,Inc.
• Smart Alarm Co. Ltd.

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