WLAN providers

This part of WLAN tutorial covers following:

What is wlan?
WLAN standards-11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac
11a WLAN Physical layer
11b WLAN Physical layer
11n WLAN Physical layer
WLAN 802.11-ac
WLAN 802.11-ad
Difference between 11a,11b,11g,11n
WLAN router providers
WLAN providers

This page covers WLAN providers. It include various products e.g. routers,access point,semiconductor,test and measurement as per wlan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards.

Equipments-wireless routers-Access Points

alvarion , Web-www.alvarion.com

broadcom , Web- www.broadcom.com

cisco , Web- www.cisco.com

dlink , Web- www.dlink.com

edimax , Web- www.edimax.com

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WLAN Semiconductor companies

broadcom , Web-www.broadcom.com

marvell , Web-www.marvell.com

qca.qualcomm , Web-www.qca.qualcomm.com

TI , Web- www.ti.com

Apple , Web- www.apple.com

Test and Measurement solutions

agilent , Web- www.agilent.com

National Instruments , Web- www.ni.com

litepoint-A Teradyne company , Web- www.litepoint.com

Channel Emulator for emulating WLAN compliant channel model

azimuthsystems , Web- www.azimuthsystems.com

veriwave , Web-www.veriwave.com


WLAN Antenna

telex , Web- www.telex.com

wimo , Web- www.wimo.com

kbtusa , Web- www.kbtusa.com

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Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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