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Vectron OCXO | Vectron manufactures OCXO

Vectron International manufactures OCXO.Vectron OCXOs are highly stable reference frequency source. Vectron OCXO has features such as low phase noise, good frequency stability etc.

Vectron recently introduced OCXO with part number OX-204 for ultra low noise applications. It has phase noise floor of -175 dBc/Hz at 10KHz offset. This OCXO has wide applications such as military and satellite communications, radar, T & M, DRO and synthesizers etc.

The silent features of vectron ocxo are:
•  Low phase noise as mentioned
•  Standard 10MHz frequency output, other values are available
•  low power consumption
•  temperature stability of +/-20PPB from -40 degreeC to +85 degreeC.
•  Supply voltage either 5V or 12V
•  High frequency stability

Vectron OCXO Models

Following are the vectron OCXO models used for various applications as per need.

vectron ocxo model Specifications
OX-200 10 to 100MHz,
phase noise -120dBc/Hz
OX-174 5 to 20MHz,
Low phase noise(-135 @ 10Hz)

There are three terminals commonly provided in any OCXO other than RF output port. These terminals are +Vdc, +Vc and GND. +Vc is used as control voltage which helps tune the OCXO in case od frequency drift due to temperature variation or aging.

About Vectron International

The company Vectron International is headquartered in Hudson, NH. It has offices across the world in North America, Asia and Europe.

Vector international is a leader in design and manufacturing of frequency control and hybrid solutions. The products are developed using latest BAW and SAW design techiques. The products are available in frequencies from DC to microwave range.

The typically vectron products include crystal oscillators, frequency translator devices(doubler etc.), SAW filters, clock/data related products, crystal filters, LC filters, MEMS, Rubidium clocks etc.

The products are used in wide range of applications such as rf synthesizer designs, telecommunications, test and measurement equipments, navigation products, data communication, aerospace systems etc.
Website: www.vectron.com

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