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Modem is the shortform of modulator and demodulator. Modem is used basically in all the wireless and wireline systems. Main function of modem is to modulate baseband information on RF carrier and demodulare modulated rf signal to recover the baseband information. Modem used to access and to provide connectivity with satellite networks is called satellite modem. It connects one side with MUX/EPABX and the other side with RF Transceiver. It is mainly used to connect remote areas via satellite to provide voice/data application support.

satellite modem generic specifications

Following basic features one must consider before purchasing the satellite modem.

• RF Frequency of operation
• baseband Bandwidth
• Modulation schemes supported(BPSK/QPSK/QAM)
• FEC schemes supported (Convolutional encoding,Reed solomon, turbo etc)
• Power level control
• RF Frequency step size
• scrambler ON/OFF feature
• Other interfaces/ports such as RS232,RS485,RS422 etc.

Following table lists out satellite modem manufacturers or suppliers.

Company Name Products
Comtech EF Data Corporation- Products- satellite modem, Gateway router, VSAT solutions, RAN/WAN optimization products, satellite router and more.
Hughes Network Systems-
Teledyne Paradise Datacom satellite modem,SSPA,RF converter, modem/router and more.
ViaSat, Inc.- satellite modem, IP cores,Antenna,Gateway,Radar and more
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.- Antenna,satellite modem,RF amplifier and more.
Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited- Satellite modem, LNA, TWTA, Block up converter, transceiver and more.
THURAYA- satellite modem, voice and data based products and more.
CDOT INDIA- ATM, switches, exchanges, optical network, satellite modem and more satellite related products.
IRIDIUM- satellite modem, satellite transceiver, wifi & encryption related products and more.
NEWTEC- satellite modem and other satellite communication related products.


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