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RFID tags are of two types passive and active. Tags are also called as labels. Passive RFID tags do not have power source, but will have long life time and will be cheap in cost. The drawback of passive tag is read range which is less, typically about 3 to 5 meter, usually less. Passive tags are once programmed the data cannot be modified; hence it is basically read only tag. Active RFID tags require power supply and range will be about 100m. Active RFID tags transmits radio signal. Passive RFID tags reflect the radio signal from RFID reader.

This page covers Passive RFID tag manufacturers/suppliers.

RFID Tags from Traze INDIA

It include Inlays, RFID Labels, RFID Cards and Specialty Tags.


Web- www.apkid.com
Manufactures tags for applications viz. Industry & Logistics, Access Control Security & Payment , Food & Animal.

RFID Tag from 3M

Web- solutions.3m.com
Enhance the productivity and security benefits of RFID by utilizing industry leading 3M™ RFID Tags. 3M™ is actively involved in designing and testing RFID tags specifically for libraries.


Web- www.ablogics.com
2112, 9th Main, 15th cross, D Block, Sahakaranagar,
Bangalore-560092 Karnataka

FoxBase Technologies Private Limited

Web- www.foxbase.in
Email- info@foxbase.in

Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information & Technologies

Web- www.hy-smart.com
Basic ISO cards and RFID Tags are manufactured by them. It is available in different shapes and for various applications.


ZBTech is a manufacturer & service oriented for RFID tags & cards producer in China. customized for your products and concept. With our products, your life would be easier and more interesting.
ZBTech has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help your business grow with our professional suggestion, there is no doubt that got highly appreciated by our clients all over the world.
Website: www.zbtechen.com
www.rfidntag.com Email id: Catherine@zbtechsz.com


RFID Tag specifications and Interface from EPC Global® body developing RFID standards. Refer following link to download specification of 900 MHz Class 0 RFID tag, 860MHz to 930 MHz Class 1 RFID tag RF and logical communication interface Specification and 13.56 MHz ISM Band Class 1 RFID specifications.

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