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RF Power Divider/Power Combiner manufacturers

This page covers rf power divider/combiner basics and list out rf power divider/combiner manufacturers.

Minicircuit device shown in the figure is rf power divider/rf power combiner. As a rf power divider power fed at the port S is divided equally at Port 1 and Port 2, i.e. it is 3 dB down compare to power at the Port S. As a rf power combiner, power fed at Port 1 and Port 2 is summed and output is taken from Port S, i.e. SUM port.

rf power divider/combiner
Figure is taken from Wikimedia commons.

There are various power divider/splitter or power combiners are available based on the number of ports required in the wireless system/VSAT Hub station. For example 16 way rf power splitter will have one S port and 16 output ports. Various package types are available based on need surface mount or connectorized.


Following are the popular manufacturers of RF power combiner and power divider.


Contact Mail id: sales@uk.minicircuits.com , sales@minicircuits.com


VIDARF offers rf power divider/power combiners. Available 2 way to 16 way models and covers frequency till 20GHz, handles power upto 30 Watt.
Contact mail id: sales@vidaRF.com

MECA Electronics,Inc.

Offers 2 way till 16 way power divider/combiners. Various connectorized versions such as N/SMA/BNC/TNC/7 or 16 DIN available. RF Frequencies 0.4 to 18.0 GHz supported.
Contact mail id : sales@e-MECA.com

Anatech Electronics

2/3/4/6/8/12/16/32 way wilkinson rf power divider/rf power combiner, frequency range from 1MHz till 18GHz available.
Contact mail id : sales@anatechelectronics.com


RF power divider manufacturer.
Contact mail id: info@rfdynetech.co.kr , sales@rfdynetech.co.kr


For sample and quote queries of rf power divider/combiner, contact mail id: sales@rfmw.com


Contact Email ID: sales@anaren.com

M/A-COM Technology Solutions,Inc

RF power divider
india.sales@macomtech.com , europe.sales@macomtech.com , africa.sales@macomtech.com
For USA Telephone: (978) 656-2507 Fax: (978) 656-2804

Narda Microwave

Contact Email id: nardaeast@L-3COM.com

JFW Industries

Various rf power divider/combiners from 2 way through 64 way available for frequency range upto 8 GHz.

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