RF Microwave substrate manufacturers

RF and microwave substrate is widely used in RF/Microwave circuit design for power divider/combiner,power amplifier,LNA,coupler,transceiver and more. Following section lists RF/Microwave laminate and substrate manufacturers.

Microwave substrate from Rogers corporation- www.rogerscorp.com

Laminates, substrates and more

Taconic- www.taconic-add.com

PTFE laminates and more

Microwave substrate from American Technical Ceramics Corp- www.atceramics.com

capacitors,attenuators,resistors,substrate, sputtered & electroplated Materials and more.

Applied Thin-Film Products- www.thinfilm.com

substrate and more.

Microwave substrate from Dielectric Laboratories, Inc- www.dilabs.com

ceramic substrate and more

TEMEX CERAMICS- www.temex-ceramics.com

substrate materials,ferrites,capacitors and more.

Polyflon- www.polyflon.com

RF laminate, Microwave substrate

Microwave substrate from Park Electrochemical Corp.- www.parkelectro.com

microwave laminate, RF substrate

Trackwise- www.trackwise.co.uk

RF laminate and PTFE PCB manufacturer.

Microwave substrate from Aptek laboratories- www.apteklabs.com

RF and microwave substrates,coatings,adhesives and more.

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