RF Directional Coupler

This page describes basics of RF directional coupler and mention popular rf directional coupler manufacturers. It covers companies such as Microlab, KRYTAR, Pulsar Microwave, Vector Telecom, Agilent, Minicircuits, ET Industries, EMC Technology & Florida RF Labs.

RF directional coupler
Figure is taken from Wikimedia commons.

RF Directional coupler will have 4 ports, input port, transmitted port, isolated port and coupled port. For the directional coupler mentioned in the figure, coupled port will have 10 dB power less than the power fed at the INPUT PORT. Transmitted port will have power slightly less than the Input port and will depend on insertion loss between these ports. Isolated port is terminated to 50 Ohm impedance.

Following section lists out RF directional coupler manufacturers/Suppliers.


Available RF directional coupler with coupling value ranging from 3 dB to 50 dB and more.
Contact mail id: info@microlab.fxr.com


Available directional coupler with coupling value of 6/10/16/20/30 dB for various frequency range, SMA female
Contact mail id: sales@krytar.com
website- www.krytar.com

Pulsar Microwave Corporation

Available directional coupler both surface mount and connectorized for various frequency bands and for various coupling values.
Contact mail id: sales@pulsarmicrowave.com
website- www.pulsarmicrowave.com

Vector Telecom waveguide

WR75 and WR90 waveguide directional coupler available.
Contact mail id: sales@vectortele.com
website- www.vectortele.com

Agilent Technologies

Contact mail id: tm_india@agilent.com
website- www.home.agilent.com


various types of rf directional couplers are available, 6 to 30 dB, surface mount/plug-in/connectorized.
Contact mail id: sales@uk.minicircuits.com
website- www.minicircuits.com

ET Industries

Available rf directional couplers for various frequency ranges, coupling values, directivity, Frequency Sensitivity, VSWR and insertion loss.
Contact mail id: sales1@etiworld.com
website- www.etiworld.com

EMC Technology & Florida RF Labs

Various drop-in directional couplers manufactured using PTFE, LTCC substrate materials.
Contact mail id: sales@emc-rflabs.com
website- www.emc-rflabs.com


directional coupler of various package types SMA,TNC,SMD, 8L Flat Pack,TO-5 available.
Contact mail id: info@emhiser.com
website- www.emhiser.com

Narda Microwave

couplers for various frequency bands available.
Contact mail id: nardaeast@L-3COM.com
website- www.nardamicrowave.com

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