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Rakon manufactures TCXO.Rakon TCXOs are used as stable frequency source for PLL circuits. Rakon TCXO module is used as temperature compensated crystal oscillator.

As TCXOs from Rakon are highly stable, they are used for wide variety of applications such as defense, GPS, telecommunications, emergency beacons, power management, g-performance etc. Rekon manufactures TCXOs as per specific application requirements in the rf and wireless and other industries. The Rakon TCXO devices are manufactured as per MIL PRF 55310 standard specifications.

Overall TCXOs manufactured have following silent features.
• Stability upto +/-1.5ppm
• Temperature range from -40 degree C to +85 Degree C
• Low power consumption
• Excellent phase noise
• Miniature in size

Rakon OCXO modules are also used in satellite manufacturing. These OCXOs achieve ultra low phase noise in -160dBc/Hz to -180dBc/Hz range.

About Rakon - www.rakon.com

The company has been founded in 1967. Rakon is a global leader which designs as well as manufactures different frequency control solutions.

The company has 6 manufacturing plants and 8 R&D centres. They have support centres at 11 offices in the world. The Rakon head office is in New Zealand.

The Rakon product range include following frequency control products:
• XO-Crystal Oscillator
• Rakon TCXOs-Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators
• VCXOs-Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators
• OCXOs-Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
• SAW oscillators

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Following table lists out few of the rakon TCXOs used for various applications.

Application Rakon TCXO
Frequency Range
10 to 100MHz
Defense RPT7060D,
16 to 40 MHz
10 to 30 MHz
power management RFPT200 3 to 40 MHz
RPT7050G 16 to 40 MHz
Locator beacons
for emergency
RFPT100 10 to 20MHz

There are various other high and ultra stability TCXOs from Rakon.

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