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Multimode modem manufacturers/vendors

This page covers popular multimode modem manufacturers which supports GSM,WCDMA and LTE wireless standards/technologies.

The major challenge of the this product is to support multiple frequency bands covering various radio access networks as mentioned. The same is designed using single chip RF transceiver supporting dynamic configuration of these bands on need basis.

There are many companies such as Ericsson,Qualcomm,Intel,Mediatek and Samsung working on multimode modem products. Refer following links to read specific to modems from these manufacturers.

Other Multimode modem manufacturer links

Intel Multimode Modem XMM 7160
Ericsson Multimode Modem M7400 and M7450
Qualcomm Gobi 9x35 Multimode Modem
MediaTek Multimode Modem MT6290


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