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This tutorial on microcontroller covers following:
• Microcontroller tutorial    • What is microcontroller    • 8051 Microcontroller Architecture    • Microcontroller hardware Interfacing    • Microcontroller Timers    • Microcontroller Interrupts    • Microcontroller Serial Communication    • Microcontroller Cross Compiler    • Microcontroller programming    • TI Microcontroller    • ATMEL Microcontroller    • ARM Microcontroller    • Microcontroller Kit Vendors    • Microcontroller versus Microprocessor   

This page list out popular microcontroller development kit manufacturers with their offering.Microcontroller kit is used for microcontroller evaluation and microcontroller development.


PICkit™ 2 Starter Kit, Part No- DV164121 , This microcontroller evaluation Kit contents hardware board, IDE and device programmer along with CDs containing user manuals.
Website- www.microchip.com

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas offers following :
• RL78 Family - 16 bit CISC architecture based MCU
• RX Family - 32 bit microcontrollers
• RZ family - ARM based MPUs
• RH850 family - Microcontrollers optimized for Automotive applications
Refer detailed specifications of Microcontrollers & Microprocessors from Renesas>>.


Model No - STK500 , The Microcontroller development kit for Atmel AVR series of flash microcontrollers. Programming of the device can be done using RS232 cable. Various 8-bit devices of AVR Microcontroller family are supported on the kit.
Website- www.atmel.com


Model- PISP2.2, microcontroller development kit for 8051 Flash microcontrollers from NXP (or Philips) Semiconductor. The Starter kit include hardware board, flash programming utility and user manual.
Website- www.nxp.com

TI-Texas Instruments

Model- EZ430, microcontroller kit for MSP430 microcontroller. The Microcontroller starter kit includes target board, Programmer and IDE development application.
Website- www.ti.com

Analog Devices

ADUC847 kit for evaluation of ADUC847 flash MCU.
Website- www.analog.com

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