LTE Femtocell Vendors, Manufacturers or suppliers

Femtocell is the device used to extend the coverage of LTE network specially in the region very LTE eNodeB signal is very weak/poor. The page lists out LTE femtocell,picocells, metrocells manufacturers/suppliers.

Generic specifications

Following basic features need to be considered before purchasing LTE femtocell.

RF Frequency
LTE standard support
Topology-TDD,FDD support
Other technology support e.g. CDMA,GSM,GPRS,WLAN,WiMAX,HSPA
MIMO and Beamforming options available

Following section lists our manufacturers of LTE femtocell.



Model BSC9130/31 is LTE Femtocell Base Station solution
Model BSC9132

T mobile femtocell

The company T-mobile USA provides wireless services which delives voice, messaging as well as internet. The product "cellspot" provides wifi connectivity as well as cellular connectivity(3G, 4G). This product acts as T mobile femtocell. It boosts 3G or 4G signal received from the macro base station.

ATT femtocell

AT&T has more than 100 million customers which provides 4G LTE network services in the USA. The product AT&T MicroCell functions as mini cellular tower. This ATT femtocell is very effective to increase signal strength of the weak received cellular signal.

There are various devices and equipments available from NEC. These include handset,usb dongle,pcmcia card, BBU,RRH, lte femtocell,microcell,pico cell and more. Contact NEC directly for more information.



TEKTELIC Communications

MODEL: LTE 2210 micro eNodeB


LTE femtocell reference designs- PC8608 and PC8609 from pico chip.
PC8608 for LTE TDD and PC8609 for LTE FDD networks, PHY support 2 x 2 MIMO and AAS.


All types of 3G and LTE small cells which includes femto, metro, pico, micro cells.


Ubee-AirWalk support LTE and CDMA.




IP cell product- Supports 3GPP TS 25.104 Base station radio Tx/Rx. Support frequency of Tx-2130-2150 MHz and 1940-1960 MHz.
Also available IP Centric which functions between IP-cell and 3G MSC/SGSN.

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