Evaluation boards for DSP and FPGA

This page covers DSP/FPGA evaluation boards and kits which helps in evaluation and development of IP cores. It include kits from MAXIM,SUNDANCE,PHYTEC,XILINX,Altera,ATMEL etc.

RF Transceiver Evaluation board from MAXIM

Email-sales-US@maxim-ic.com, sales-Europe@maxim-ic.com , MDAsia@maxim-ic.com
Web- www.maxim-ic.com
RF Transceiver boards compliant for WLAN,WiMAX standards, and MIMO Testing.

FPGA and DSP evaluation board from sundance

Email- enquiries@sundance.com
Sundance develops FPGA-DSP Boards to port and test PHY-MAC of wimax,wlan and LTE, satellite,RF applications.

Evaluation board from PHYTEC

Email- sales@phytec.com
Web- www.phytec.com
Advanced Embedded development kit for various Processors and Microcontrollers

FPGA and DSP evalation kit from XILINX

FPGA and DSP kits-ideal for porting PHY and MAC layers of wireless standards

Evaluation board from Altera devices

Web-www.altera.com, FPGA and microBlaze kits are available from Altera.


Web-www.ti.com, various TMS320 DSP processor kits are available.

Evaluation kit from ATMEL

Email-centraleurope@atmel.com , southcentral@atmel.com , india@atmel.com
Web- www2.atmel.com
Atmel-starter kit and development system for Atmel AVR Flash microcontrollers and more.

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