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DSP Chip manufacturers

This page covers DSP chip manufacturers with part number and features. To know more on what a common DSP chip consists of and its applications visit our page on what is DSP in terminology section. Popular DSP chip vendors are mentioned below. It covers DSP chip vendors which include tensilica,cavium,Texas Instruments(TI),silicon hive,NXP semiconductor,Qualcomm,LSI,Cirrus and Altera.

tensilica DSP chip

Website: www.tensilica.com
ConnX series of various DSPs available from tensilica is widely used for wireless applications.


Website: www.cavium.com
OCTEON Series of processors and other video and Set Top Box application processors are also available. DSP development kit as per OCTEON DSP is also available.

Texas Instruments DSP chip

Website: www.ti.com
C6000 single core and multi core DSP chips and C5000 DSP for low power consumption is available. TMS320 series of Processors are mainly targetted for video and audio applications.

silicon hive, acquired by Intel

Website: www.intel.com

NXP semiconductor

Website: www.nxp.com
DSP chip along with AM or FM tuning applications.

Qualcomm DSP chip

Website: www.qualcomm.com
Hexagon DSP is integrated in various Snapdragon series of processors.


Website: www.lsi.com
SP2704 model is used for media and baseband applications.


Website: www.cirrus.com
DSPs for audio applications are available, both single core and multicore versions.

Altera DSP

Website: www.altera.com
DSP development kits for Cyclone II and III and stratix II and III devices are available.


Website: www.xilinx.com
Various FPGA DSP kits are available.

Pico Chip, Acquired by Mindspeed

Website: www.picochip.com
Various Multi-core DSPs are available, models include PC202,PC203 and PC205.


Website: www.amd.com
Various processors are available for embedded and other applications.

motorola , acquired by Freescale semiconductor

Website: www.freescale.com
DSP56000 series of DSP chips used for various applications.

sandbridge Technologies Inc. (acquired by Wuxi DSP Technologies, china)

Website: www.dspsemi.com/ceshi/
SB3500 is a multi-core DSP chip. Evaluation kit is also available.


Website: www.arm.com

Analog devices

Website: www.analog.com


Website: www.ceva-dsp.com
Various DSPs are available which targets mobile and other digital applications. They are used for LTE,LTE-advanced, WiFi and other technologies.


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