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This page mentions Zener diode manufacturers or Zener diode vendors. The popular manufacturers of Zener diode are ON semiconductor, NXP, ROHM, MACOM, Microsemi, Micro Commercial Components, Vishay, API technologies etc.

What is Zener diode ?

It is specially designed high doped PN junction diode. It normally operates in reverse biased condition.

zener diode voltage regulator

The figure-1 depicts zener diode used in a voltage regulator circuit. The circuit symbol and equaivalent circuit of zener diode is also shown in the figure.

zener diode characteristic

The figure-2 depicts V-I characteristic of zener diode. As shown, in forward biased state, zener diode functions as normal diode. In reverse biased state, shart breakdown takes place when reverse bias voltage exceeds zener voltage ("Vz") of the diode. At this point, current increases very fast. Hence it is also known as "Breakdown Diode".

Following specifications or parameters are considered for selecting the zener diode.
• Voltage (Vz) : Reverse voltage
• Current : Maximum current which can flow through the diode at Vz.
• Power rating : Maximum power which can be dissipated thorough it. It is equal to product of voltage across diode and current passing through it.
• Zener resistance
• Voltage tolerance
• Temperature stability

Zener diode Manufacturers

Following table mentions Zener diode manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Zener diode Manufacturers Description
ON semiconductor • Part numbers : MMSZ52 ( 2.4 V to 110 V, 500mW rating ) , 1N5923B (zener voltage range: 3.3 V to 200 V) , 1SMB5937B (3.3 V to 200 V, 3W) , MMSZ4688 (1.8V to 43 V, 500mW rating) and so on.
• Refer website for other part numbers as per your requirements of zener voltage and other specifications.
• Website : onsemi.com
NXP semiconductor • Part number : BZX79-B62
• Specifications of above zener diode are as follows.
• Zener voltage : 62 V, Zener current : 5 mA, Forward voltage : 0.9V, Power : 500 mW and so on.
• Other part PZU11B3 available in SOD323F package. It offers 310 mW power dissipation and supports working voltage range from 2.4 V to 36 V.
• Website : nxp.com
ROHM Semiconductor • Part number : TFZV27B
• Above part zener diode offers high reliability and is small power mold type diode.
• Specifications : Pd = 500 mW, Vz (min) = 24.97 V, Vz(max.) = 26.26 V, Iz = 5 mA and so on.
• Refer website for datasheets of other part numbers TDZ12, EDZV13B, UDZV12B, KDZ20B and more.
• Website : rohm.com
Micro Commercial Components • Various zener diodes are available at different power ratings.
• Website : mccsemi.com
MACOM • Part number : CD4625 (Zener voltage : 5.1 V, Zener current : 0.25 V and power of 0.5 Watt )
• Part number : CS4713 (Zener voltage : 30V, zener current : 7.9 mA, Power : 0.5 Watt)
• Refer MACOM website for other zener diodes as per requirements and complete specifications of above part numbers.
• Website : macom.com
Microsemi • The company manufactures different types of zener diodes for various applications including voltage regulator, low voltage avalanche, temperature compensated and so on.
• Website : microsemi.com
Vishay Intertechnology • The company manufactures zener diodes in variety of packages such as glass, plastic and sinterglass. They are available for various power ratings from < 350 mWatt to > 500 mWatt.
• Website : vishay.com
API Technologies USA • Website : apitech.com

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