WiMAX Subscriber station manufacturers

WiMAX usb dongle is used by fixed and mobile terminals for internet browsing. This page lists out manufacturer of wimax subscriber station as per IEEE 802.16-2004 standard OFDM PHY/MAC layer specifications.

Generic specifications

Following features need to be considered when you are planning to purchase subscriber station or dongle as per wimax standard.

FFT Size.
Bandwidth options supported.
RF carrier Frequency supported
Modulation/code rate supported.
Topology (TDD/FDD).
Frame size

Harris Stratex

Model is StarMAX 3160

Apacewave technologies

Model available is APW290,it is a USB Dongle reference design.


Web- www.intel.com
Model available is 622ANXHM.

Wavesat(acquired by cavium)

Web- www.cavium.com
Model is miniMAX.

Redline Communication

Web- www.rdlcom.com
Model SU-ORF is outdoor wimax subscriber station from redline. It supports IEEE 802.16-2004 OFDM specifications.


Web- www.airspan.com
Model EasyST EST350F is wimax subscriber station.


Web- www.tranzeo.com
Model is TR-WMX-3-XX Series.

Aperto Networks

Web- www.apertonet.com
Model is PacketMAX 315. It supports IEEE 802.16-2004 wimax specifications.


Web- www.alvarion.com
Model is BMAX PRO-S CPE.

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Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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