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WiMAX System On chip-WiMAX SoC

This page covers wimax system on chips ( wimax SoC ) vendors. It covers both fixed(16d) and mobile wimax(16e) standards. It include base station and subscriber station products.

Sequan Communication

Web- www.sequans.com
SQN2130- Mobile WiMAX ASIC for Micro and Pico Base Stations
SQN 1310- Mobile WiMAX Subscriber Station SoC
SQN 1010- Fixed WiMAX Subscriber Station SoC
SQN 2010- Fixed WiMAX Base Station SoC


Web- https://www.fujitsu.com/us/
Mobile WiMAX SoC available from Fujitsu. The MB86K21-UD1 is a complete reference design of the WiIMAX USB dongle based on Fujitsu's baseband (MB86K21) and fully integrated RF module (MB86K71).


Web- https://www.crunchbase.com/company/apacewave
APW2050 - Low-cost Mobile WiMAX SoC

TeleCIS Wireless Inc

Web- www.qualcomm.com
TCW 1620 WiMAX SoC available.

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